Digital Media Course

April 7, 2014 Transition Year

From Monday, 3rd March – Thursday, 6th March, an Irish film maker, Sean Power, came in to teach us about film making. On the first morning of the course, we were given a presentation about film making and the different pieces of equipment used in the production of a film.

Afterwards, we were split into six groups. As part of the course, each group was given the chance to make their own film. The making of these films was definitely the highlight of the course.

The first thing each group did was come up with an idea for a film which every member agreed on. After that, roles were assigned to each member of the group. I was one of two scriptwriters in my group and I also made an appearance in a scene towards the end. The making of the film was very funny, and we certainly got a few strange looks off students walking by, when they saw us dressed up in Batman and Jesus costumes. To make the experience more memorable we were given a camera to take behind the scenes footage on set while filming. This meant that all the hilarious cut-outs and bloopers from every film were caught on camera!

We are hoping to get to see our films this week. Some of the teachers already have, and said they were brilliant. Sean Power was very helpful in the editing and putting-together of each film. Overall it was a great experience and definitely one which I will never forget. It’s safe to say that we are expecting to receive plenty of awards at the next Oscars.