April 7, 2014 Transition Year



On Wednesday 5th March we took part in Emmanuel at the Helix DCU. Emmanuel is a concert consisting of religious songs. We spent weeks preparing and learning songs in Religion class with Ms McNally who was a great help. We couldn’t have done it without her.

We all had to make our own way to the Helix. The first thing that we did was a quick run-through of the songs which we would be performing that night. Ian Callanan who wrote some of the songs was the conductor for the day. He wanted us all to tweet using #Emmanuel2014 in an effort to get Emmanuel trending on Twitter. He read out the funny tweets that students posted to make the long practice more enjoyable. Afterwards we had a workshop of chocolate-eating games. This was followed by a talk from a man called Greg who spoke about peace. Following the games, we were able to get ashes for Ash Wednesday if we wished.

After lunch, we had a full rehearsal of all of the songs we would be performing in the actual concert. This took quite a while and we were given a dinner of fish and chips afterwards. The concert took place after dinner. The family and friends of all involved were able to buy tickets to the performance. Before the concert began, Ian announced to all in the auditorium that #Emmanuel2014 was trending worldwide. The theme of Emmanuel this year was that of water, and there were many songs about water such as “Lead us to the Water”. The performance went very well and overall it was a great night and a great experience.

George Chelaru

Seán Dunican