Mini Company Competitions

April 7, 2014 Transition Year

As part of the mini company programme in the school we compete in two competitions throughout the year; Dublin City Enterprise Board and the Junior Achievement Company Programme

I was lucky enough to get selected to represent the school at the Leinster Regional Finals at the latter competition after getting through the initial round for which I had to send in an Executive Report.

This report was basically divided into six sections that outlined my business which was a financial blog ‘Financial Expresso’-A condensed shot of Financial, Economic and Entrepreneurial news-

Once I got through that round, it was off to the regional finals which was held in Chartered Accountants House on Pearse Street and hosted by Pioneer Investments who are the asset management division of UniCredit Group, one of Europe’s leading banking groups.

This part of the competition consisted of an interview/interrogation and a four minute presentation. I found that it went well, because before you went to the interview you got to go to a mentor crash course and the people there were very helpful in pointing out the potential pitfalls that the judges might pick up on in the interview.

The interview and the PowerPoint went really well. I got positive feedback from the people there and what more could you ask for…well to win I suppose.

The first company that got through (two companies’ progress to the national finals in Citi banks in May) was a good company. They sold biodegradable cups, like the ones which you get your takeaway coffee in, which had advertisements on them. Their business model was companies would pay them to advertise on their cups. A lot of start-up capital was invested into them, but regardless of the amount of money invested into a company you can still mess it up. The second company that got through was a self-help magazine.

I was disappointed not to get through but I will soldier on, grateful for the experience of the whole competition and I highly recommend it for the whole experience of doing an interview and a presentation in front of people. That experience is priceless

I would like to thank Ms Dempsey for attending the event and all her help preparing for it. I would also like to thank Ms Rachel O’Riordan who also helped me greatly with preparation for the event.

And as for Financial Expresso

As Del boy said “This time next year we will be millionaires!”


Kevin Boland