Weavers 101

May 14, 2014 Transition Year

RESPECT is an Irish Registered Charity, responsible for fundraising projects for people with Intellectual Disabilities of all ages within the Daughters of Charity Service in the Dublin area. It has a centre called Weavers 101 which is a drop-in centre for people with Intellectual Disabilities.

As a privilege of being a member of the Respect Committee, I along with the other members went to visit the centre on Friday 7th March. I found it to be a very eye-opening experience. The people who use the services were very interesting and were amazing at art, so much so that they have an annual art auction in the Civic Offices during the summer.

I thought that it was great too that the building was empty and that it was hard to get people to have the time to talk to us, even though there are 200 people who use the services. It shows the main aim of the service is to integrate the people who use the service with the wider community.

Kevin Boland