Work experience: 10th of March – 21st of Mach.

May 14, 2014 Transition Year

Aaron Curley

For work experience in March we had to get placements for two weeks,

For the 1st week I went to ESB HQ, where I had to get some results from questionnaires and put them on Excel. Then I put the input and expenditure booklets in chronological order and put the duplicates into another pile, all of the duplicates had to be shredded.

For the 2nd week I went to St.Micheals House School in Ballymun for children with many different intellectual and physical disabilities ranging from down-syndrome to spina bifida where they were wheelchair bound. I worked with teachers and SNA’s by helping them do their physio, walking and eating. The class that I was in was from the age of 11 to 16. They were in the most severe section of the school. I helped to make their special drinks, eat and elevated them from their chairs to their beds. I really enjoyed this work.


Seán Dunican

Week 1 – Barrister:

Having done a week of work experience in an established law firm called McCann Fitzgerald in December, I was able to organise an additional week of work experience with a barrister. I have had a huge interest in law in the lead up to the work placement, and the week in McCann’s had encouraged me even more to find out more about a possible career in law. In organising a week of work experience with a barrister, I was hoping to see the contrasts between the work done by a barrister and solicitor. I was aware of the obvious differences, but I also wanted to see some of the background work done by a barrister.

The week involved me attending many courts with the barrister for hearings and trials. I found the cases incredibly interesting. There were also a few other barristers who were happy to take me to the courts they were working in, when my barrister had nothing interesting happening. Throughout the week, the barrister was more than happy to tell me about the law and the work of a barrister. He was also delighted to answer any questions that I may have had.

On the last day, I was brought by the barrister to meet a high court judge, his father, the Honourable Mr Justice Paul Gilligan. He is well-known as the judge who ordered the injunction on Aer Lingus workers, preventing them from striking on St Patrick’s weekend of this year.

I also spent two days in the Criminal Courts of Justice on Park Gate Street. This was very interesting. I attended many hearings and even an assault trial.

After this week of work experience, I am very sure that I would like to pursue a career as a barrister.



Week 2 – Architect:

For my second week of work experience, I worked in an architectural practice called Kelly and Cogan Architects. On the first day the architect took me through the work carried out by the practice as well as a portfolio of their work over the years. I carried out a number of tasks during the week. The first task I was given was to produce a drawing on AutoCAD. At first, I found using the drawing software difficult, but I soon got the hang of it. I worked on this for the time I spent in the office.

We also went to the site of an extension to a house. It was very interesting to see the discussions that took place on site and the agreements that were reached to have any issues sorted.

After completing the AutoCAD task, I then moved on to working with historic maps of Dublin that the architect was using as part of work he does with the Dublin Civic Trust. I had to trace a map and then put the tracing in to Photoshop. From there I would work on it and turn it into a computer drawn map.

This week of work experience was fantastic. I have always had an interest in architecture and still do. The week was a great experience and opened my eyes to the possibility of a future career in architecture.