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A Message to Our Students

A Message to Our Students

A Message of Support to our Students

To our students especially those preparing for exams. We are so sorry for the stress the Covid19 epidemic is causing you. We wish things could be easier and we want you to know this. Everyone out there is rooting for you. Your parents, guardians, friends, teachers and the rest of your family. They all want to see you succeed, get through this and achieve your goals. Each and every one of your teachers are here to help you.

Appreciate the time you're being given now and put it to good use. Reach out to us and seek our support and help. The next chapter of your life after all this has not yet been written. Do not let anyone or anything else other than you, take the pen and write your story. We understand these are difficult times. We're finding it difficult too but know that we are here to support you and look after you. Don't give up. This storm will pass and we'll see the sun at the other side.

All our thoughts and support,

Teachers & SNA's

St Declans College.

07 Feb 2022
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07 Feb 2022
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18 Feb 2022
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