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Advice for students and SEN student supports

A guide for parents
Advice for students and SEN student supports

Supporting SEN students and their parents

This is a challenging time for all students not least our students with Special Educational Needs. It is important that your son applies himself to his work as best he can over this time. We know it can be stressful for him and for you as a parent. Please find below some resources that may help you over the coming days and weeks. A lot of material is available through the NCSE website (

Daily Planning

The most important thing for your son to do is to plan his day. Here is a link to a sample schedule for the day

Talk to your son and adjust the schedule according to his needs. Make sure your expectations for him are realistic.

Here is some further advice on planning a daily routine

Having a routine and a plan will help him to feel safe and secure and ensure he can make some progress with his school work while working on keeping himself well both physically and mentally.

Speech Language and Communication needs

Many SEN students (especially those with speech, language and communication needs) can find it difficult to notice, understand and put words on how they are feeling. At this difficult time they may need extra help.

The following resource will help you work on this with your son:


Here are some useful resources for parents of students with ASD: , .

Assistive Technology

If your son uses assistive technology here are some tips for taking care of it .


If it is all becoming overwhelming your son may find some of these relaxation techniques helpful: Some physical activity (following current government restrictions of course) should be included in his routine every day.

On return to school

Please reassure your son that this time will pass and that when it does we will be delighted to welcome him back to school. The SEN Department will continue to work with him and support him in the times ahead.

It is important to reassure him with a message that is calming. Try to hit the right note in terms of keeping him working and motivated while reminding him that this will pass. When we return to school teachers, SNAs and the Resource Department will be there to support your son and help him to get back on track.

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