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Art Classes Work - 19 March 2020

Art Classes Work - 19 March 2020

1st year: Practice drawing using tone - items from fridge

2nd year: Follow template handout of work given to you for your CBA1. Complete all drawing work in your sketch pads and we will transfer into booklet. Include colour where possible and your artist. Include reflections on all your drawings. Don’t forget to draw your finished shoe design from different angles and use colour.

3rd year: develop ideas for your finished poster in your mock /photocopied booklet or in your sketchpad. Think about the words you will use and include emotive lettering. If you think about any gaps in your booklets plan for these to be filled and print out your artist references/ primary sources.

5th year: Follow the self portrait brief/handout issued. Some students were missing last class for the A3 collage demonstration. Using the A3 photocopy you were given of your face look at the shapes of tone on your face and use torn coloured paper to show these areas.Look at self portrait ideas on Pinterest, collage work, develop a self portrait using a calligram or be imaginative. Start on your finished A3 self portrait in the style of your chosen artist in your sketchpad. Start to study the impressionist artists. Monet, Renoir and Degas in your art history book. Go online and look at their works on the Khan academy’s videos.

6th year: Continue to plan for any gaps in Your workbook. Plan everything to do in relation to the craft of poster design. Plan your words/images/ alternative designs/emotive lettering/ Most of you took home A2 sized paper, if you were missing and didn’t get this sized paper, tape two A3 sheets from your sketchpad and work on this. Have everything figured out. Feel free to photograph this work/ideas and email them to me for guidance. Continue to practice life drawing. I will add extra notes for art history, meanwhile go online and watch videos on artworks we have covered and works based on mock exams.

Good luck to all my hard working students. Keep yourselves busy....draw, draw and design.
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