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Edmund Rice Awards 2022

St Declan's honours two exceptional students at the summer awards.
Edmund Rice Awards 2022

Edmund Rice Awards 2022


The Blessed Edmund Rice award was first presented in St Declan's College in 2019. In that year ERST schools around the country were requested to make an award to the student who through his day to day interactions in school life most captured the spirit of Edmund Rice.

The award in our school is unique in that it isn't merely a recognition of academic brilliance or classroom involvement instead it aims to commend the student who engages with an understanding that the most important learning in life happens when you give of yourself. It aims to recognise the gifts of selflessness and kindness, the value of a smile and the worth of a helping hand.

There are people in the world who see what needs to be done and without hesitation throw themselves whole-heartedly into that task. They neither look for reward nor credit but give freely of themselves and their time. By so doing they leave everywhere they go immeasurably better. It is a wonderful attitude to have and captures all that Edmund Rice's life represents.

This year the award was presented to two students, one in senior cycle and one in junior cycle. They are each very different characters.

The senior cycle award winner was a leaving certificate student, Nathan McDonald. During transition year Nathan immersed himself fully into the spirit of the programme and engaged with every opportunity presented. His helpful and cheery manner saw even the most routine and mundane of tasks executed in an efficient and light-hearted way. He generates a great sense of energy bringing with him an infectious mood of positivity.

As a qualified first responder with the Order of Malta he was on call to help with a whole range of first aid interventions and attended each hurling game for the last three years. Nathan has grown as a young man always doing things for the greater good. His powerful work ethic is something that all the books in the world and hours in the classroom can never teach - it is part of his DNA. He will be greatly missed.

Sleeven Joggy was the Junior cycle recipient. He is another student who this year was facing state exams yet never hesitated for one moment to embrace any project that was proposed.

Sleeven has boundless energy, arriving to school each day before the gates open! His unfailing courtesy and quiet manner underlie a steely determination. He is a solution focused person who reflects on the issues before bringing them to a successful conclusion. Inter-cultural week was one of the many projects he engaged with helping to ensure that it was a resounding success enjoyed by all.

Perhaps though his most notable gift is in the field of music where he is an accomplished violinist. He has entertained students, staff and parents at the many events which brought our school year to a close. Listening to him play you cannot help but to become lost in the moment. His willingness at such a young age to perform and share enriching the lives of so many certainly captures the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice.

A special word is reserved for the parents of both of the award winners. The importance of the example shown to their sons and the values that they have nurtured in them has allowed them grow into fine young men. They have been encouraged to become involved in the greater life of the school and to give to its community. This wonderful partnership is what helps St Declan's College become stronger and better as a centre for education and growth. Congratulations one and all.


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