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Get fit at home - 5 day challenge

Get fit at home -  5 day challenge

Get Fit at Home – 5 Day Challenge

Minding our Wellbeing!

St Declan’s College (All students & Teachers)

Monday:Morning: Home Circuit

10 mins per circuit – Perform Twice

  1. Jog on spot for 3 mins
  2. Jumping Jacks x 50
  3. Crunches x 15
  4. Hip Bridges x 10
  5. Step Ups (use stairs/ aerobics step) x 1 minute
  6. Lunges x 15
  7. Mountain Climbers x 1 minute
  8. Push ups x 15
  9. Squats x 1 minute

Evening: Run/ Walk Outside: 1KM

Tuesday:Morning: Home HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Tune into the following You Tube Link:

Don’t forget to follow warm up and cool down instructions!

Evening: Run/ Walk Outside: 2KM

Wednesday: Morning: Home Circuit

Cycle of 6 Exercises - Repeat the cycle x3

10 seconds rest between each exercise (1-6)

1-minute rest at the end of each cycle

  1. 20 Bodyweight squats.
  2. 10 Push-ups.
  3. 10 Walking lunges (each leg).
  4. 10 Dumbbell rows (use a milk jug or other weight).
  5. 15 Second Plank.
  6. 30 Jumping jacks.

Evening: Run/ Walk Outside: 3KM

Thursday: Morning: Home Yoga


These stretches are important for recovery between high intensity training sessions. You can complete them throughout any day of the programme. Yoga is also a great way to strengthen our core muscles, and to relax and unwind during this stressful time. You can look up yoga/ meditation playlists on Spotify or You Tube. Try to ensure you are in a quiet room to gain the most from the workout.

Evening: Run/ Walk Outside: 4KM

Friday: Morning: Walk/ Run Outside: 5KM

Evening: Home Body Weight Workout

Follow the YouTube link:

Don’t forget to follow warm up and cool down instructions!

I hope you all enjoy taking part in this 5-day physical activity programme. Let’s not allow current circumstances to have a negative effect on our physical and mental wellbeing 😊 Keep safe and keep fit. Let your peers and teachers know how you are getting on by sharing videos/ photos to online school pages.

Good luck everyone!

Ms. Lynch (PE Teacher)

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