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History Students Documentary - 74 days

Wednesday 20 October 2020
History Students Documentary - 74 days

74 Days: The Hunger Strike of Terence MacSwiney, 9.35pm, RTÉ One Wednesday 21 October 2020

A must watch documentary for all history students

Terence MacSwiney’s 74-day hunger strike is one of the longest on record, and his actions inspired similar acts worldwide, most notably by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Ultimately, MacSwiney’s hunger strike was a catalyst for the intensification of Ireland’s War of Independence.

Following his death, and the publicity garnered across the world by the circumstances in which he died, the British government returned to the negotiating table. The eventual outcome of which was the establishment, in 1922, of the Irish Free State.

Presented by historian Sarah-Anne Buckley, this documentary uses contemporary science insights and alongside the original medical notes recorded during MacSwiney’s hunger strike to bring a fresh perspective onto a pivotal moment in recent history.

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