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How to cope with anxiety

Brian Pennie 5th webinar essential advice for everyone in the St Declan's community

How to cope with Anxiety

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Day: Wednesday 20 May 2020

Time: 2.00pm

Brian Pennie is delivering his 5th webinar on Wednesday 20th May at 2.00pm. All are invited to join him as he presents strategies for dealing with anxiety. He will give some advice on developing a personal toolkit for coping with anxiety followed by an open question & answer session.

This series began as a support to Leaving Certificate students as they attempted to navigate towards their then July/August dates for the state exams. It has since widened out to embrace all members of the St Declan's community to help them through the difficulties presented by life and in particular Covid-19.

Brian is a former heroin addict and past pupil of St Declan's College. From the time he did his Leaving Certificate in 1995 he spiralled out of control through addiction and all it brings which brought him to the point of death. After 15 years of chronic heroin addiction he turned his life around and is now a University Lecturer and Motivational speaker having being awarded several scholarships to help him through his studies.

His story is worth listening to as he delivers it with honesty based on experience earned the hard way. Brian is one of very few heroin addicts who has danced with drug addiction and come through the other side. Refreshingly, he makes no excuses nor does he look to blame. Instead he describes his journey and the choices he made which have helped him become the person he is today - horrific as some of his experiences have been they have been responsible for helping him become an incredibly open and insightful person.


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The sixth and final webinar by Brian Pennie Wednesday 27 May 2.00pm
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