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Intercultural non-uniform day

An event launching and promoting Intercultural week ( 8-13 May 2023)
Intercultural non-uniform day

Intercultural non-uniform day

Fundraising Event

Wednesday 29 March 2023

€2 per student

All donations will be used to support Intercultural week (8-12 May 2023)

Wear your national dress or costume, county or national colours to express your unique identity.

Inclusivity is a topic we consistently work to promote here in St Declan’s College. As it is an area of life that may have been dismissed in the not so distant past we are proud to say our school not only embraces diversity it celebrates the individuality of each person.

Throughout the course of our school year we invest time learning about the different qualities of our peers. However, due to the varied atmosphere experienced between school and at home students are not always ‘in their element’ at school.

‘Intercultural’ activities therefore are our attempt to promote this home like environment for our students and help provide them the comfort they need to express themselves in this manner.

Clothing is for some a critical expression of culture. Whether it be of religious significance or a style that truly emanates one’s character, the ability to wear what you choose allows you to express yourself entirely, and make you feel comfortable. Certain students may choose to wear a favourite item of clothing while others will use traditional clothing, county jerseys or national jerseys to find expression for their identity. On Wednesday each student has the opportunity to do just this.

During tutor class donations will be collected from each student (€2 per student). All of the money raised will go towards helping to support Intercultural week which runs from the 8 - 13 May*.

*Intercultural week allows students the opportunity to showcase their varied individual backgrounds. It provides an opportunity to use dress, food, language, music, dance and other expressions of culture to celebrate identity and help explain to the rest of the students aspects of and influences on their lives. One day is allocated to each or a combination of the specific cultural groups (e.g. Indian, Asian, European, African, Middle Eastern, American and Irish).

Last year our Intercultural week was considered by both students and staff to be the most immersive and memorable event organised in the school during their time here. We are planning for an even more ambitious and successful week this May.

Thank you to both students and their families for all their support.


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