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Leaving Certificate 2021

Best wishes to all our students
Leaving Certificate 2021

We extend best wishes to all our Leaving Certificate students who begin their examinations tomorrow morning

Please find a link to the Guide for Leaving Certificate candidates and a copy of the timetable below.

Link >>>>Guide for Leaving Certificate candidates 2021

Link >>>>Leaving Certificate Timetable 2021

In the event that you decide you are not sitting an exam you need to contact me directly to let me know. Please email me using your own personal school email address. Students should think long and hard before making this decision. It is natural in the days and hours before exams to feel nervous. However, this will pass once the exams get under way. By sitting the exams you are in control of your final grade.

Brian Avery


Extracts from the Leaving Certificate guide:

Will I be able to sit my examinations if I have COVID-19 or have any symptoms or I have been advised I am a close

No. In all circumstances, Public Health considerations must take precedence over examinations attendance.

You must not present for your examinations if you:

• are diagnosed with COVID-19.
• are unwell and have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
• develop COVID-19 symptoms at any stage over the course of the examinations.
• are self-isolating or have been instructed to self-isolate.
• are quarantining or otherwise restricting your movements.
• are a close contact of a confirmed case.

What arrangements have been made to ensure the examinations can be as safe as possible?

There has been detailed engagement with the Public Health authorities in planning for the delivery and conduct of all aspects of 2021 Leaving Certificate examinations, including the written examinations. The arrangements are focussed on delivering the 2021 Leaving Certificate while managing the risks of the spread of COVID-19. These are built around basic Public Health principles for infection prevention and control and the Public Health measures already in practice in post-primary schools.

There will be particular attention to cleaning and sanitation of all room surfaces and any equipment used (e.g. CD players, etc.) before and after.

There will be attention by all parties to respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene to reduce the risk of transmission.

All rooms must be adequately ventilated even when taking account of the need to ensure that external noise does not interfere with the examinations.

The examinations are taking place in schools with 6th year candidates and the personnel involved in the running of the examinations present. Otherwise, far fewer people will be on the school premises compared to normal.

The SEC is maintaining a high number of examinations centres so that most examination centres will not be operating at full capacity.

There are some particular measures that individual candidates need to take note of. At the examinations, you:

• Will be part of an examination centre pod. This means you will be assigned to the same desk in the same examination centre for the duration of your examinations other than for specific logistical reasons (e.g. Aural examinations).
• Must observe 2 metre social distancing and minimise your interactions with others.
• Must wear an appropriate face covering (i.e. a face mask covering nose and mouth) at all times while on school premises.
• Should practice good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.
• Should avoid mingling with other candidates in advance of the start of the examinations, between examinations, and departing the examination centre each day.
• Must comply with all other Public Health measures put in place for the examinations.

In the normal course of examinations, you are required to comply with the direction of the Superintendents about all
examination related matters. In the context of COVID-19, you will also be required to comply with the Public Health
arrangements in relation to examination centres and with the arrangements for access to the examinations centres
each day.
Failure to comply with the reasonable directions of a Superintendent, or other person in authority, may lead to you being denied the opportunity to take your examinations noting that Public Health considerations will be an overarching priority.

What should I do if I cannot attend my examinations?

If you are unable to attend your examinations please let the school know and we will notify the SEC Superintendent who will update the attendance record.

Of course, if you want to sit the examinations you would no doubt be extremely disappointed in the event that you are not able to attend for your examinations due to COVID-19, but public health is the absolute priority.

What happens if I am unable to attend for some or all of my examinations?

Accredited Grades (for those eligible to receive them) is the contingency measure that will apply in all circumstances this year where candidates cannot sit their examinations.

What do I need to bring with me to the examinations?

You should make sure to bring your own pens, pencils (for diagrams only) and your calculator. A clock will be on display in the centre so you do not need to bring a watch (and also noting the prohibition on smart watches and other devices which is explained later).

Due to COVID-19, there should be no sharing of equipment between candidates. Everything else that you need will be provided.

Can I change level on the day of the examination from the level that I selected on the Candidate Self Service Portal in
early May?

Yes – you will continue to have this choice and to change levels on the day of the examinations. This may mean that you have an Accredited Grade at one level and an examination result at another level. We will take this into account when we are comparing the results of the examinations with the Accredited Grades in determining which result is better.

Are there rules on bringing notes, books, mobile phones, smart watches, electronic devices, etc. into the examinations centre or other rules about cheating?

There are very strict rules about what you can and cannot bring with you into the examination centre and about cheating or attempting to cheat in the examinations.

They are the back of this Guide and at - Breach of Regulations and the Conduct of Candidates during examinations.

Each centre will have a notice on display titled “Notice – Penalty for Violation of Regulations” which you should pay full attention to.

The following is designed to assist you but it is not a legal interpretation of the rules:

• Other than your examination paper or answer- book, you must not bring any books, memos, notes, papers, mobile phones,smart-watches, data banks, electronic equipment, etc., into the examination hall nor have these items in your possession or under your control.
• You must not attempt to use any of these items (but noting that just having them represents a breach of the regulations).
• You must not aid or attempt to aid another candidate.
• You must not obtain or attempt to obtain aid from another candidate.
• You must not communicate or attempt to communicate in any way with another candidate within the centre, or by electronic means with a person outside the centre.

What happens if I am suspected of cheating in the examinations?

In the interest of being fair to all candidates, the SEC must be satisfied that marks awarded have been gained fairly and will investigate any suggestion, suspicion or allegation of cheating or other impropriety in relation to the examinations. This is essential in order to uphold the integrity of the Irish State examinations system and to underpin equity and fairness within the system in order to enable all candidates to display their achievements on an equal footing.

If you are suspected of cheating during the examinations, the Superintendent is required to make a report to the SEC and to provide with the report any available evidence which might include the books, notes, devices, etc.
The principles of natural justice are applied when following up such cases. Later on, details of the evidence available,such as superintendent’s reports, confiscated material or items, notes or work prepared that exhibits evidence of collusion, will be brought to your attention through your school and you will be invited to offer a response to the evidence presented. The school authority is also free to offer comment if they consider it appropriate. The decision will be communicated in writing to the candidate. A decision to withhold a result is open to appeal. While every effort
is made to conclude an investigation prior to the issue of the examination results, it is not always possible to do so. In these circumstances results are withheld on a without prejudice basis pending further communication with the schools and candidates concerned.

What are the penalties if I am found to have broken the rules?

The SEC would strongly caution any student that might be tempted to cheat that serious consequences can result.
They could lose marks or the full result in a subject; they could lose the results of the entire examination; or they could be debarred from entering for any of the State examinations for a specified period. In general, if you violate the rules in respect of a component completed in a non-invigilated examination (i.e. work completed over a period of time such as project work, coursework, etc.) you are likely to lose all of the marks for that component.

If you violate the rules in an invigilated examination (such as a written examination, an oral test or a practical test) you are likely to lose the result for the entire subject. Note though that more serious penalties can apply, depending on the gravity of the offence and these include withholding all of the results of the examination (the entire Leaving Certificate) and/or debarment from entering for future state examinations. Penalties are applied in line with Rule 76 of the Rules and Programmes for Secondary Schools. The SEC will also consider whether the incident represents an offence under Section 52 of the Education Act. If it is considered that an offence has been committed then the incident will be pursued under the legislation.

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