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National Bike Week 2021

Promoting safer cycling in St Declan's College
National Bike Week 2021

Bicycle Safety Campaign 2021-22

St Declan's College is spearheading a campaign to provide safer ways for our students to cycle to school. We have installed a new bicycle park, with assistance from Dublin City Council, where each student can safely lock his bicycle. Aside from encouraging students to take responsibility for the security of their bicycles it is of greater concern to us that students take personal responsibility for protecting themselves while cycling.

The Board of Management of the school following consultation with students, staff and parents has decided to make compulsory the wearing of a bicycle helmet for all students who cycle to and from this school. Introduced on a phased basis it has been compulsory since August for 1st years to wear a helmet and will be for all students immediately after the midterm break. This initiative is being promoted and supported jointly among our local primary and secondary schools.

An education programme will be rolled out in the coming weeks along with other incentives to help ensure compliance with the measures. Our aim is to help save lives and protect students from any serious trauma as a result of a head injury.

A new phase in safer cycling to school

St Declan's College - 20 September 2021


17 Aug 2022
1st year school book collection
18 Aug 2022
2nd 3rd 5th & 6th year school book collection
23 Aug 2022
Staff Day
Booklists for all years and information regarding additional funding for back to school issued by the government this week
We bid a fond farewell to school chaplain, Fr Michael O'Grady PP and Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Jude Okolo DD.
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