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New Group Reading Test (NGRT)

Testing of all 1st and 2nd year students
New Group Reading Test (NGRT)


Dear Parents/Guardians,

All 1st and 2nd Year students will be tested online, using the computers in the school, to assess their reading skills over the next two weeks.

The test which is being administered is the New Group Reading Test (NGRT). The test is being administered in order to assess each student's reading strengths and to identify if any supports need to be put in place.

A link to the test website explaining the test can be found below:

In order to sit this test, your son will need to bring a set of earphones with him to school (no wireless earphones). This is very important.
Please ensure your son has his earphones in his school bag each day for the next two weeks or until he has completed the test.
Thank you for your cooperation and help in this matter.
Your sincerely,
Mr McGlue
28 May 2021
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04 Jun 2021
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07 Jun 2021
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