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Supports for parents and students with online learning

Advice from NEPS (Department of Education National Education Psychology Service)
Supports for parents and students with online learning


21 January 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As you know classes reverted to remote learning on Monday 11th for the month of January. This is so disappointing for us all and not what we were hoping for at the start of a new year.

However, we are hopeful that with the roll out of the vaccine we will in time return to more normal day to day living. For information on remote learning please check our school website.

We are aware of the difficulties faced by our families during this pandemic and we know that online education is a challenge. We ask that you continue to encourage your son to engage with online classes and school work to the greatest extent possible, but encourage you to be realistic about your child’s needs and your own needs.

We are especially mindful of exam students and the stress that school closure can bring. When thinking about how we cope with uncertainty and stress, it can be helpful to remind ourselves of these three key messages:

  • Stay Responsible & Informed
  • Stay Active & Connected
  • Stay Positive & Calm

Below we have created links to a range of resources which you may find helpful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Brian Avery


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The Department of Education National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) have many resources that you may find useful while the school is closed. These resources can be found on the Department website here and include the materials listed below.

Plan for a Day

A plan for the day template is available hereto help your child put a structure on the day. It suggests trying to have a schedule, creating time for fun activities, time for learning, break times and time for physical activity.

Advice for Young People

NEPS has published Advice for Young People while Schools are Closed which is available here

Relaxation Techniques Podcast

This link will take you to a podcast from NEPS to help parents and pupils practise relaxation techniques.

Advice for Parents

NEPS has also published A Guide for Parents on Supporting Children and Young People with Daily Routines while Schools are Closed which is available here

How to Calm and Support your Child – Advice for Parents and Guardians

This link here brings you to helpful tips and practical strategies to support your child if they become overwhelmed.

Managing Stress and Anxiety – A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Many young people have coped well with Covid 19 but many have found the ongoing situation upsetting and stressful. If they become more stressed and anxious the following information here may be helpful.

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