6th year - Attending virtual parent teacher meetings

6th year - Attending virtual parent teacher meetings

6th year Parent teacher meeting 25 November 2021

This year our 6th year parent teacher meeting will be held online in a break away from the usual format. We have already used the virtual parent teacher meeting format with third year students and it was found to be a much more beneficial way for parents and students to communicate with teachers than a paper report.

Please click on this link to access a letter from Ms O'Reilly outlining the schedule for the meeting and what you need to do to register. The guide underneath lays out the steps you need to follow to sign up.

>>>>>>>>>6th Year parent teacher meeting Letter

Following the meeting we will be asking you to complete a survey so that we can learn from our joint experience and work to improve future engagements.

Attending a Virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting - A Guide for Parents


Each meeting is a maximum of five minutes long. Under no circumstances can a meeting run for longer than five minutes.

There will not be time to discuss issues of a pastoral nature at the meeting. You are encouraged to contact the relevant teacher, tutor or your son’s year head by phone to discuss any issue of this nature.

Teachers of RE and Career Guidance will not be available for the virtual meeting. They will provide feedback on your son’s Christmas report. If you have any questions for them you can contact them by phone.

You may not get the opportunity to see all of your son’s teachers at the virtual meeting. That is why it is important to prioritise the teachers you wish to meet as outlined below.

Your camera must be on. The meeting will not take place if do not have your camera switched on.

Meetings should not be recorded.

Your son should attend this meeting with you. If you have an issue you wish to discuss that is not appropriate for your son to be present to hear please contact the teacher in question by phone.

How to register for the Virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting:

  1. Parent / Guardian Preference Input

To access the portal go to: https://ptmorg.com/parentlogin.php?School=60021U

This will bring you to the login page. Use the school roll number 60491L and your son’s VSWare Student ID Number to log in.


You can enter any number between 0 and 20 against each subject / teacher combination.

An entry of 0 means you do not wish to have an appointment for that subject / teacher.

It does not matter if you do not enter consecutive numbers as the system will shuffle the preferences together so they are viewed as consecutive and you will not be disadvantaged.

It does not matter if you enter the same number multiple times as the system will select one as preceding the other. The preferences will be treated as consecutive. Thus, if you enter 1 against six subjects, the system will treat them as being preferences 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


  1. Selecting whether you will or will not attend meeting

At the bottom of the screen, there are two buttons for you to indicate whether:

  • you will not be attending the meeting. If this is selected any preferences you may have entered will be cleared

• you will be attending the meeting and you want your preferences saved


Once you have clicked the appropriate one, the system will return to the parent login screen and a notice to confirm your option choice will be displayed.

  1. Parent / Guardian Rota

Once you have done the above you can view the times of your appointments. You are encouraged to print this before attending the meeting or keep a written record so you can access each meeting promptly.

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