What is debating?

Debating is an intellectual sport that cultivates critical thinking, effective communication, and an understanding of diverse perspectives. As educators, fostering a culture of debating within our school not only enhances students' academic abilities but also equips them with valuable life skills.

Debating is a structured discourse where participants engage in an exchange of ideas to persuade, defend, or challenge a viewpoint. It follows a formal structure with defined roles – proposition (who agree with the motion) and opposition (who disagree with the motion) – and is guided by rules to ensure fair and respectful dialogue. The goal is not only to win arguments but also to develop a deeper understanding of complex issues.

St. Declan’s prides itself on a long, rich and successful tradition of debating. Our school has a junior and senior English debating team. Debates for these teams take place in Trinity College and University College Dublin and involve students debating against students from numerous other schools.

Students can also become a member of the senior French debating team. These debates are organised by and take place in the Alliance Française on Nassau Street and involve students debating against one other school in French for each round of the Joutes Oratoires competition.

The benefits of debating.

There are numerous benefits of debating for our students. These include critical thinking, effective communication, research skills, empathy and open-mindedness, quick thinking, conflict resolution and national as well as global awareness.

Examples of Motions:

Is social media doing more harm than good to society?

Is space exploration a worthwhile investment for humanity?

This House believes there is too much violence in media.

This House believes video games make more harm than good.

All teenagers should be able to vote from the age of 16.

Mr. Webb is the debating coach in St. Declan’s College. All students are welcome at the debating club and are encouraged to sign up for the trails to take part in the competitions.

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