Student Council

Overview of the Student Council:

The Student Council represents the voice of the student body and serves as one of the key pillars of partnership within the school community between Staff, Parents, Students and the Board of Management. The School Captain and Vice-Captain(s) are appointed to their positions by the Principal and Deputy Principal in consultation with school staff through a democratic vote. Under their role they attend Student Council meetings as members. Students in each of the classes from first year through to sixth year nominate a class representative to serve on the Student Council on their behalf, by way of a democratic election organised by Leaving Certificate students.

After nominating the positions detailed below within the council, following discussion and consultation with the School Management, a framework is developed and adopted by the council to undertake during the course of the academic year. The student council meets fortnightly during lunchtime in the library, and on other occasions as deemed necessary, to plan in relation to implementing this work and advancing proposals. Other matters may be brought to the council for discussion such as the development of school policies. It is an ideal forum for students to be proactive in influencing the development of the school and an excellent opportunity for them to nurture skills in leadership, partnership, cooperation and delivery. It also engages young people in the value of democracy in today’s world, by highlighting the importance of a majority consensus on decisions.

Edmund Rice Schools Trust:

St. Declan’s College is a Catholic based ethos school but does recognise other religious beliefs and practises within the school community. Under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST), we encourage a Christian concept of the world with a spiritual and moral values system that contributes to the good of society. Using the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter, the Student Council actively promote the five main pillars to ensure each students’ holistic development. Further details in relation to ERST can be found here (link to page on school website).

Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU):

St. Declan’s College became a member school within the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) in December 2023 following a proposal brought by the Chairperson, which was endorsed by all members unanimously. The ISSU is the national representative body for school students in the Republic of Ireland. ISSU aims to provide support, training and assistance to member student councils. The ISSU is run for students, by students.

Through its work, the ISSU aims to foster a stronger student voice at all levels of the education system. They believe schools students should be involved in all matters that directly affect them, and this means having a seat at the decision-making table and being respected as an equal stakeholder. Further information can be accessed here (link - ) on the Official ISSU website.


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